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Laws of Survivorship

George Campbell with his grandson

One patient's story of recovery after prostate cancer

Even though he's a Michigan Law graduate, George Campbell's path to the University of Michigan for health care was somewhat circuitous.

When the East Lansing resident started having prostate trouble several years ago, he went to see an area physician. Campbell says, "The doctor told me, 'This is a problem of old men. Don't worry about it.' He didn't operate on men over 75. I was 73."

But Campbell's problem worsened, prompting him to travel out of state to visit a prominent national hospital. That doctor recommended "aggressive observation" and referred him to someone closer to home: the Comprehensive Cancer Center's John Wei, M.D., who specializes in prostate cancer detection.

"Luckily, Dr. Wei had a new way of doing a biopsy. When the results came back, he said, 'You should deal with this promptly instead of just watching it.'"

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